Aspect is a global provider of customer contact and workforce optimization solutions. Aspect helps your enterprise build, enhance and sustain stronger relationships with your customers by uniting your enterprise with next-generation customer contact.

About SOURCE and Aspect

SOURCE and Aspect put the future of customer contact within your reach – equipping you to improve the experience of today's demanding customer through seamless, two-way communications across phone, chat, email, IM, SMS and social channels. You can make the most of your Microsoft unified communications and collaboration platforms by uniting your contact center with leading enterprise technologies for more informed, effective customer interactions. With interaction management and workforce optimization solutions, you can remove communication and workflow barriers or automate business processes by building on existing customer contact and enterprise technology investments. This flexible, forward-focused design approach drives enhanced business efficiencies, fosters loyalty and grows customer value.

Aspect products and services:
SOURCE and Aspect have the expertise to bring Microsoft technologies together with unified communications and effective people management to enrich the customer experience:
  • Aspect Unified IP - customer contact solution for large-scale, mission-critical contact centers
  • Aspect Contact - customer contact solution for internal help desks and small contact centers
  • Workforce Optimization - delivers strategic workforce planning, workforce scheduling, quality and performance management, recording, surveying, coaching, eLearning and analytics to help you improve productivity and reduce costs in your front- and back-office operations
  • Customer Contact Applications - extract key capabilities from Aspect’s unified contact center and workforce optimization platforms to deliver targeted business results

Both SOURCE and Aspect bring over 40 years of industry experience and insight to help you transform these solution elements into a versatile foundation for next generation customer contact helping your enterprise realize new levels of cost savings and productivity gains.