The typical enterprise communications infrastructure is made up of a collection of technologies from multiple vendors, acquired over time and never intended to work together. To maximize user and business productivity, while leveraging existing IT investments, interoperability is a must. For over 30 years, AVST has been delivering the industry’s most interoperable, private cloud unified communications platform, CX-E, that brings best of breed voice, mobility and business process applications to the enterprise. AVST does not constrain customers with a single vendor lock-in approach. In fact, it’s the very opposite. By connecting new and existing technologies, AVST frees organizations from the constraints of a closed, single-source unified communications solution, unlocking the full potential of their communications infrastructure.


SOURCE support team supports AVST’s interoperability, creating a product that is particularly appealing to enterprises that have the following characteristics:

  • Heterogeneous PBX infrastructure
  • Mission critical voicemail and call processing requirements including workforce retraining concerns
  • Multiple, disparate or evolving email clients and systems – including premise and/or cloud
  • Unified Messaging message retention issues – capacity, compliance and confidentiality
  • Evolutionary IP telephony strategy (moving from TDM to IP over time)
  • Private cloud centralization and resiliency requirements
  • Demand for speech-based and device independent mobile UC solutions for workforce