MUG Enterprises



Born out of the Mosaix User Group, MUG Enterprise operates as a means to educate and provide Avaya-based call center solutions to call center managers at a reasonable cost.

MUG Enterprises products and services:
  • Call Center Reviews - full system reviews to determine how to optimize your costs and increase your ROI for your dialer.  Guidance and project management on upgrades, call blending, productivity, and system enhancements.
  • Interceptor products - taking the guesswork out of call center compliance by offering insight into calling hours and landline qualified phone numbers, important factors to consider in the age of number portability between states and devices
  • Recovery - Analysis and guidance on workflow processes, agency management, structure, audits and selection assistance.  Full legal referral services through an attorney network. 
  • Agent Training and Review - Uncover which agents have the potential to be managers within your organization to help grow your operations and keep your turnover low