Microsoft Lync

What is Microsoft Lync?

Microsoft Lync is a unified communications solution that brings together enterprise voice, instant messaging and web, audio and video conferencing.  It can make every conversation a virtual face-to-face meeting because users can choose to collaborate with each other via video and audio conferencing, application and desktop sharing, instant messaging and telephony.

Is Microsoft Lync approved for the U.S. Department of Education E-Rate program?


Does Lync work with other Microsoft products?

Yes. Lync is designed to work with Microsoft Office, SharePoint and Exchange. Therefore, end-user adoption is minimized and return on investment is increased.

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Does Lync integrate to other legacy voice platforms?

Yes. We can provide integration services to Avaya, Nortel and Cisco and many others.

What experience and certifications does SOURCE have to support Microsoft Lync?

SOURCE is one of a few Microsoft certified Gold Unified Communications partners with a voice specialization. We posses over 40 years experience and certified Microsoft staff that is equipped to educate, deploy and support Microsoft Lync!

Can you tell me about a SOURCE/Microsoft success story ?

Yes. Click here to view video.

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