Write engaging tweets effortlessly with Source AI.

Level-up your Twitter strategy with auto-generated tweets in the style and tone of your brand, supercharged by powerful automations.

Produce more content
Stay consistently active on Twitter. Source AI generates and schedules batches of daily tweets, maintaining an engaging and vibrant presence for your brand.
Write in your own voice
Mirror your brand voice with precision. Source AI can read your past tweets to ensure your content reflects your unique style and brand identity.
Powerful automations
Source AI automatically schedules fresh tweets to send throughout each day, letting you scale yourself and reach more people than ever before.
See for yourself

Content generated on-demand from your past tweets

Below are some example tweets generated using Source AI trained on each user's tweets, completely unedited.

True freedom is not the absence of structure, but the ability to create your own.


Leadership isn't just about guiding your team. It's about fostering growth, cultivating resilience, and driving innovation. Are you ready?

Harvard Business Rev.

Beneath the ocean's surface lies an unseen world of marvels. Dive with us into the blue depths as we explore the mysteries of the deep sea. 🌊🐠

National Geographic

Just spoke with a startup that operates like an orchestra - no conductor, but everyone knows their part.

Paul Graham

Strange how every time an algorithm gets something right, we say it's the machine. Every time it goes wrong, we blame the people behind it.

Benedict Evans

Good day to all. Except those dealing with a printer jam. For you, my friends, I hope the day gets better.


Unpopular opinion: Pluto is still a planet. At least in my heart.

Elon Musk

To code is to create. In each line, we echo the builders of the past, reaching for the vision of the future.

Lex Fridman

Ever tried to get into a flow state on demand? Sounds impossible? Not quite. I discuss methods in my latest podcast episode. Give it a listen here:

Tim Ferriss

The real threat to centralized banking isn't just inflation or market volatility. It's the inevitable shift to decentralized finance. They see it coming, and they're scared.

More Features

Easily scale one or many Twitter accounts with consistent, engaging content.

Explore some of Source AI's key features, each designed to make growing your accounts fun again.

Automatic replies to specific accounts
Build up your following by adding a list of accounts to automatically reply to. Source AI will generate and submit replies to those accounts' tweets and keep you in the conversation.
Scheduled tweet batches
Put your Twitter account on autopilot. Check in as frequently or infrequently as you'd like – Source AI will keep generating and scheduling tweets to keep your account active.
Analyzes tweet performance and adjusts for you
Source AI analyzes your past and present tweets and adjusts itself to maximize engagement and replies with positive sentiment.
Easily manage multiple accounts
Source AI can manage multiple Twitter accounts, letting you scale your social media presence like never before.
Risk management
Flag potentially controversial language or topics, helping to maintain a brand-positive presence on Twitter.
Meme generator
We live in a meme economy. Source AI can generate memes from your tweets, helping you stay relevant and reach a wider audience.
Coming Soon

Pricing plans for everyone

Choose a plan with the best features for engaging your audience and converting followers into paid subscribers.


Access to basic features for 1 connected Twitter account.


  • Manage 1 account
  • Up to 25,000 followers
  • Write tweets in your own voice
  • Basic analytics
  • 48-hour email support response time


Most popular

Access to all advanced features for up to 5 connected Twitter accounts.


  • Manage up to 5 accounts
  • Up to 100,000 followers across all accounts
  • Write tweets in your own voice
  • Advanced analytics
  • 24-hour email support response time
  • Account automations
  • Auto-reply to chosen accounts


The best of everything, with a pricing plan customized just for you.


  • Manage unlimited accounts
  • Unlimited followers
  • Write tweets in your own voice
  • Advanced analytics
  • 24-hour email support response time
  • Account automations
  • Auto-reply to chosen accounts
  • Meme generator
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